Who is Dr. Liu?

Dr. Liu was raised from early childhood to be an Acupuncturist by his grandfather, Jin Li Wang, who was a well known TCM doctor in Hebei. “I was fortunate to be born in a family that had a long medical tradition,” explains Dr. Liu. “My grandfather taught me secrets that include Acupuncture needling techniques, and our own unique Tui Na manipulations.”
His education at Tianjin TCM University involved a mixed major, focusing on a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western medicine. Additionally, Dr. Liu was trained in surgery and trauma care and had been hired as an orthopedic surgeon at the Tianjin First Central Hospital, where Chinese and Western medicine are integrated. He has served on several national level medical groups in China and has written and published many medical papers about the integration of TCM and Western medicine.

“Dr. Liu is one of the few people available in the United States who went through a Traditional Chinese Medicine apprenticeship. He possesses many ancient family secrets that were passed down to him from his grandfather, techniques that no one outside his family knows. These he shares openly with his students,” says John Pirog, chair of the NWHSU acupuncture department.

Dr. Liu’s unique expertise in traditional Chinese medicine has made him a highly esteemed practitioner in the Twin cities area and a coveted teacher and speaker on Chinese medicine from coast to coast.